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Faster and more accurate pathogen identification
MicrobeNet helps you to be more efficient at identifying rare and complex pathogens. With powerful tools and information at your fingertips, you get quicker test turnaround and lower costs for your organization.
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The knowledgebase content is created and curated by CDC subject matter experts (SMEs).

The sequence data represents almost 7,000 bacterial species with 16S rRNA and other gene sequences such as gyrB and rpoB.

Biochemical information, macroscopic and microscopic images, and written descriptions are displayed on the species details pages.

The search functionality in MicrobeNet is very flexible. It allows you to target specific areas of the system, or the entire content base.

Analytical Tools

Sequence Analysis
Something interesting about BLAST, Smith-Waterman and Clustal-W info, dendrogram diagrams.

Phenotypic Testing
Some appropriate copy about sample, rack, and template creation and management. Also, info about rack workspace and how it represents actual lab rack and allows recording of test answers. Lastly, identification matrix.

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Sequence Analysis

Phenotypic Testing